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Most commonly ask questions and requested configurations for our devices, click the links below for quick How-To guides that will help you get your network up and running faster.

Upgrade How-To Keep you device up to date by upgrading to the latest firmware supported by Rapidus Wireless.

WiFi/Mesh How-To Get started configuring your mobile MESH network.

Access Point How-To Create your own Access Point (AP) and expand your network.

Client(Stations) How-To Turn your device into a client (station) to communicate back to your AP.

Router How-To Default setting for all our devices are in Bridge AP mode. Make your device function as a Router.

VLAN How-To Simplify network design and deployment.

EZ2 series Manual


Firmware Releases
Model Firmware Revision





RL-K Series


RL-MX57-17 RL-M5 Series



Help Tools

Rapidus Wireless Network Manager

Rapidus Wireless Network Manager new features and user friendly interface allows you to monitor traffic flow of your devices, allows our users to maintain and manage all of their devices from one location. This new and improved tool is a simplified way for our users to manage and maintain their wireless network and details all of your devices configuration.


The following version of Java must be installed to your PC.


Follow the link and select the second option for windows. (Windows Offline; filesize: 61.35 MB)